Technical Brief with Dr. Barry Ruck June 13, 2012


Q: With the Glass & Hard Surface cleaner, I have noticed some performance challenges with residue and streakiness. Can you please explain why?

A: A new formula for the Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner was approved yesterday and will go into production shortly. Because the old formula doesn't have ammonia or alcohol, the evaporation takes a little longer. Try less vigorous wiping and less sprays of the product.

Q: Can we make a solution for stainless steel in PAK-IT?

A: No, the stainless steel cleaners on the market are ready-to-use oil based, not water based. They are made with a light mineral oil and it would be easy to formulate for the Vanguard line.

Q: The Heavy-Duty Multipurpose cleaner is being redesigned; why is the pH going from 10 to 12.5?

A: More alkalinity (i.e. a higher pH) allows the detergents to react with food greases and turn it into soap.

Q: Once the Heavy-Duty Multipurpose cleaner is reformulated, will it be a super strong product where gloves and goggles are needed similar to our Vanguard Oven & Grill Cleaner/Degreaser?

A: It will not be as aggressive and goggles and gloves will not be necessary. It will be more equivalent to a general purpose cleaner degreaser.

Q: Is it possible to make an "ultra" super strong degreaser in PAK-IT, something that works well on bbq grills, greasy car floor garages, etc.?

A: Yes, we can look into it. A lot of strength comes from the dilution rate. The new H.D. Cleaner should fill this bill at a higher concentration.  The more water, the less active ingredients.

Q: Looking into the marine, RV and campground markets, is there some kind of PAK-IT for their toilets, would it be some kind of enzyme product?

A: An enzyme product would not be appropriate because it breaks down the soil which would cause the odor. An enzyme would be more for the septic tank. A product that you flush that eliminated the bacterial action and covers the odor would be best for an RV.

Q: What odor eliminator works best in the PAK-IT line?

A: Autumn Fresh has the most pleasant smell and is an EOC meaning that it counteracts the odor versus just masking the odor.

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