Profit Validates the Existence of a Business

The third part of the triple bottom line is the word Profit.

How do the PAK-IT® product solutions help your bottom line?

  • Just one case of our products can replace over 20 cases of conventional cleaning products!
  • The reduction in shipping costs for equivalent volumes can exceed 90%.
  • Our products take up minimal storage room. You can actually keep more on hand while reducing valuable square footage.
  • PAK-IT® products are easy to transport quickly. Manage cash flow better by ordering on a schedule and receiving your solutions when you need them.
  • Our bottles were designed to be reused. Less waste equates to less mass in the recycling bin.
  • Color-coded, unit-dose solutions are easy to use by all workforce employees. There's little chance of using incorrect products or spilling chemicals on employees or the floor.   

Less waste = More value for your dollar.

People Against Waste
  • Profit

  • Planet

  • People

  • Big 3 Packaging

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Big 3 Packaging was named to reinforce the three guiding principles of our business model.

People. Planet. Profit.

In an age of waste and excess, we believe that it is incumbent on us to be observant of the three pillars of all modern business.

Known as the triple bottom line (TBL), we strive to meet the needs of society with careful attention to our effect on the environment while achieving profitable growth. These are not isolated concepts in which one grows if another is de-emphasized. On the contrary — they are tightly integrated principles. In fact, several analyses have proven that companies with proper respect for our resources enhance profitability by ensuring a happy and healthy workforce and client base. At Big 3 Packaging, we know that sustainability is not just a fad; it is a true business imperative for companies of all sizes, and a benchmark of successful industries throughout the United States of America.

Many of our products are formulated to be environmentally-friendly. And we're constantly reinvesting to develop new innovative solutions that meet our TBL goals. Our PAK-IT® product line is safe for people, respectful of our natural resources and saves money and time, too. We think you'll love our products--all made in America, of course!

Clean up with us — literally and figuratively.              To order email:

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